Slide Ballot Drop Boxes Make your voice heard this election season with a CollectionPoint Ballot Drop Box. With many states accepting mail in ballots you can now drop off your ballot hassle free. These Ballot Drop Box enable registered voters to turn in their ballots without the need for postage or a visit to the polling place. Available in two different styles and a variety of sizes to fit your municipalities needs. COLLECTIONPOINT CLICK HERE Slide Collection Bins Every collection point needs some way to store and transport the items it collects. These collection bins are designed to work with CollectionPoint depositories but can also be used for general material handling such as in warehouses. COLLECTIONPOINT CLICK HERE Slide Payment Drop Boxes CollectionPoint’s secure drop boxes give you a place to take rent payments, utility bills, ballots, launch fees, and more 24/7 from the convenience of your curb. Choose from three different levels of security with the option of a standard or heavy-duty safe.

Slide Trash & Recycling Garbage is a fact of life. How you collect it is up to you. Help keep your parks and parking lots clean by offering commercial trash cans. You can show your dedication to the environment by also providing matching recycling receptacles designed specifically to deposit bottles and cans. Perfect for city-wide recycling programs or new green initiatives. COLLECTIONPOINT CLICK HERE